Dimensions : 150 x 81.5 x 40.5mm
Application : For standard, advanced server, communication and industrial power system.
Watt : 200W


FSP200-62DL(24V) is an industrial level of switching power supply. The power supply comes to offer the total power capacity up to 200 Watts, and uses unique active PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit design with its high-load electrical components, makes it to be perfectly used in an industrial environment. In addition, with its full range of input and output electrical features, the power supply is ideally the best choice for server, workstation, communication or any other automation applications to use. The product also complies with the latest safety and EMC standards, which is perfectly to meet various regulations worldwide.


For standard, advanced server, communication and industrial power system.


  • Low Ripple & Noise
  • Output over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection on all outputs
  • Resetable power shut down 100% burn-in under high ambient temperature(50℃)
  • Vacuum-impregnated transformer
  • MTBF:100K hours at 25℃
  • 100% Hi-pot tested line input fuse protection

Model Name FSP200-62DL(24V)
Wattage 200W
Dimension 150mm (L) × 81.5 mm (W) × 40.5mm (H)
Product Highlight Efficiency Level NON-80PLUS
Altitude 2000M
PMBus For standard, advanced server, communication and industrial power system.
General Specification Voltage Regulation +3.3V, +12V, +5V, +5SB: ±5%
-12V, -5V: ±10%
PWOK Delay Time 500ms > PWOK > 100ms
Input Electrical Specification Input Voltage -18 ~-36 Vdc
Input Current 15A
Output Specification Ouput Voltage Regulation +3.3Vdc output : +3.7 Vdc minimum, + 4.1Vdc maximum
+5Vdc output : +5.7 Vdc minimum, + 6.5Vdc maximum
+12Vdc output : +13.1 Vdc minimum, + 14.5Vdc maximum
Ripple & Noise DC input -24V 5V 20ms Maximum
DC input -24V 3.3V 20ms Maximum
DC input -24V 12V 20ms Maximum
Over current protection 3.3V:50mV
5V:50mV p-p
12V1:120mV p-p
-12V:120mV p-p
5Vsb:50mV p-p
Over current protection +5V-----13.2~18A
Short Circuit Protection load < 0.1 Ohm
Environmental Requirement Temperature Range Operating : 0 to +50℃
Storage :-20 to +80℃
Humidity Operating : 5-95% to % RH, Non-condensing
Storage : 5-95% to % RH, Non-condensing
MBTF The power supply have a minimum predicted MTBF(MIL-HDBK-217) of 100,000 hours of continuous operation at 25℃, maximum-output load, and nominal AC inout voltage

Output Voltage and Current Rating

+3.3V +5V +12V1 -12V +5Vsb
Ripple-Noise(R-P) mV 50mV 50mV 120mV 120mV 50mV
Regulation Load % ±5% ±5% ±5% ±10% ±5%
Output Max.(A) 12A 12A 15.4A 0.5A 2A
Output Min.(A) 0A 1A 0.5A 0A 0A


  • 5V, 3.3V, 12V, -12V Will gave the regulation to 10% when all load take off.
  • The +3.3V and +5V total output shall not exceed 80 watts.
  • The total output shall not exceed 200 watts

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