Walk 5200

Dimensions : 101.3 x 44.7 x 25.9mm
Application : Mobile deivces


Simple and elegantly designed Power Bank for mobiles devices.


Mobile deivces


  • Dual USB output can charge 2 devices simultaneously.
  • Work with all kinds of battery-powered USB devices.
  • High capacity power extension, 5200mAh.
  • Easy to carry for its slim and light weight design.
  • Recharge your device anywhere and anytime.


Model Name Walk 5200
Embeded battery type Li-ion
Input 5V/0.5A
Number of output port 2
Output Output1
5 V / 1.6 A
Cycle Life > 500 times
Charging Time 12~13 hours
Protection OCP / SCP / ODP
Indicator On: Green LED Being Charged: Red
Net Weight 140 g
Dimension 101.3 mm x 44.7 mm x 25.9 mm

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